Until now, Zarg’s position as Supreme Leader of the Monsters has been the best gig ever. Since the Monsters live on an island paradise that provides for all their needs and they’re at the top of the food chain, life has been pretty easy for as long as anyone can remember. But with the arrival of the Nerds, Zarg is now responsible for trying to get those bizarre invaders off the island. His cushy position has suddenly become a ton of work - and he HATES them for it!

The power-hungry Zarg has big claws, big horns, big fangs and a bigger ego. He appears fearless to the other Monsters, but deep down he’s paranoid and threatened by the Nerds’ superior intelligence and scary powers (Why does the sun glint off the skinny female’s teeth? What are those enchanted things 2 of them wear over their eyes? Why aren’t any of them afraid of the ocean???) He’s convinced the Nerds are some sort of unknown species that’s trying to take over his kingdom, and they must be defeated!

Although he’s one of the more scary-looking monsters, he’d rather be known as a ‘Renaissance Monster’. When not working on plots to eliminate the Nerds, the vain Zarg enjoys spending his leisure time trying out different ridiculous hairstyles and makeovers, then creating new holidays to celebrate himself so he can parade through Monster Village showing off to his subjects.

He’s the master of the over-complicated, un-thought-out plan that always backfires. Every time the Nerds get the upper hand in one of their showdowns, Zarg gets more paranoid and feels more pressure from his subjects. Compounding his stress is the fact that SKUR, (his perpetually salivating, back-stabbing second banana) is waiting in the wings to take advantage of any slip-up and take over as the Island’s new Supreme Leader.


  • In Zarg's previous design, he had no skin, only fur, that was all orange, his nose was purple, and he had smaller horns. His name was also "Zar"
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