Vink is one of the monsters that live on Monster Island.


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Vink is the largest and strongest member of the Monster tribe. He’s a fearsome-looking Cyclops with huge pointy teeth and a tail that he can turn into a chainsaw-like weapon. Because of his formidable size, extreme Monster qualities, and fearsome appearance, Vink was hand-picked by Zar to be his kingdom’s formidable warrior. But thanks to his simple, underdeveloped brain, he’s a handful and very difficult to control. Like a giant toddler, Vink has an extremely short attention span, is unintentionally destructive, gets frightened by loud noises, and is still trying to figure out the world beyond what he knows – which isn’t much.

This giant Monster has an internal switch that only functions on two very basic concepts: “play” and “eat.” He barely speaks and when he does it’s usually one word sentences… like “Play!” and “Eat!”

Since this is Monster Island with its bizarre fauna, Vink can often be found happily playing with some of the island animals. But eventually he becomes bored with them and without warning will swat them flat and pop them into his mouth.

As the kingdom’s warrior, Vink is commanded by Skur, whose been given the task of carrying out Zarg’s plans. But because of Vink’s short-term memory and unpredictable nature, Skur becomes extremely frustrated with Vink’s mistakes, and he’ll often lose control and yell at the giant Monster. But Vink REALLY hates being yelled at. He’ll mope and pout until the yelling becomes too much for him… and then he’ll completely lose it and become a relentless, rampaging beast! The only thing that will calm him down is being distracted with something new he can amuse himself with – so Skur is always desperately scrambling around, trying to find something for Vink to play with and/or eat before HE becomes Vink’s dinner!