Urp and Durn

URP AND DURN Urp and Durn are a constantly bickering husband and wife that unfortunately share the same body.

As King Zarg’s sister, the disappointed Durn believes that she was destined for greatness, and she would have achieved it if she didn’t have a boat anchor like Urp around her neck… or in her stomach.  She’s convinced that if her husband wasn’t a lazy good-for-nothing they would now be ruling Monster Island as King and Queen instead of her brother Zarg and that weird Maiden Cheena.

The irritable Urp is aptly named because of his constant indigestion… probably a result of the ulcers brought on by the stress of being married to a nagging social-climber like Durn, who’s always on his back - literally!  But it’s not like he doesn’t deserve it - after all, Urp is a lazy, chronic underachiever. He does nothing all day except try find new ways of doing nothing, or sleep-burps while his wife does everything for them.

Since Durn can never separate from her husband, she’s pretty much given up on her personal dreams. So like a determined and ruthless beauty pageant mom, she now puts all her effort into grooming their only child LYLE for future greatness. Being next in line to the throne, it’s just a matter of time before Lyle is King – unfortunately he’s naturally very UN-monsterish – something Durn is desperately trying to change in her genteel, geeky son. And it doesn’t help that he’s spending way too much time with those bizarre kids on the wrong side of the track – the NERDS!


Nerds monsters - 9