In the Nerds and Monsters Fandom, there are pairings that can be seen through the fanbase of Nerds and Monsters'. This is more notable in the fan-base and through fan art. These pairings are known by the combined name abbreviations of two characters. For example, the two characters, Skur and Maiden Cheena, are the main characters paired together through the Nerds and Monsters fan-base and are known through the fandom shorthand/abbreviation, Kuena. The shorthands are used for various and different pairings of Nerds and Monsters. The most notable pairing of the Nerds and Monsters fanbase is Skur and Maiden Cheena. Another notable pairing in Nerds & Monsters fandom fandom is Becky Hooger and Irwin Chang-Stein.

Notable Fan-Pairings