Pairings, Headcanons and Fandom opinions

Hey everybody! This is a board where you can talk about headcanons, favourite pairings, and opinion on the NAM Fandom. Speaking of headcanons, I have a couple of them (They take place in a NAM AU (That Senyusu made, though she let me add some of my ideas/OCs in, so thanks Yusu! :D)

  • Many years ago, Lyle was outside, and he saw a group of Monsters attacking a female Monster, so he rushed over to the conflict and told the group to leave the female alone, so they left. Lyle asked the Monster if she was okay and what her name was. The girl Monster said "It doesn't matter! I don't need anyone, like YOU!" and rushes off, so Lyle leaves. A few minutes later, Lyle hears a blood curling scream, so he rushes over to a small cliff, and sees the same Monster he saw before, trapped in a human trap. Lyle is shocked, so he rushes over to the Monster, and gets her out of the trap. The Monster gets mad at Lyle at first, but then thanks him and says her name is Riza, so Lyle helps Riza up and then they become friends.
  • After being friends for a while, Riza and Lyle go into this mutual crush scenario where Lyle shows his affection to her and gives her gifts, while Riza thinks he's cute in a romantic way, yet keeps denying her affection by yelling at Lyle.
  • NOTE: This headcanon was created by Senyusu and I: Maiden Cheena is actually alive. She can speak telepathically to the Monsters because she has magic, and can transform into a human. She also has a crush on Skur.
  • Becky has a secret crush on Irwin, mainly because he is always so caring to her.
  • In my headcanon (Unless Yusu wants to add this, then in our headcanon), Irwin gets a better personality. (Ex. Being less disturbing, liking Becky for who she is, and actually wooing her with non disgusting flirts)

Phew! That was a write ^^; I may or may not add more later, but these are my headcanons, so thanks for reading (Also shout out to Yusu for making this amazing AU! :D)