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• 4/23/2015

Fixed/More Informative Pages and Announcements


So far on the NAM (Nerds and Monsters) Wiki, there are some things that have been fixed, and/or changed from a while back and now. ^v^

I will note the main events:

  • I figured that a picture of Monster Island fits the 'Trapped on an island theme' of Nerds and Monsters well. ^^ I hope you support the new theme and changes here.
  • New Photos added onto the wiki!
  • More information on Nerds and Monsters Episodes! (Including a Synopsis of the Episode, Major/Minor Characters, etc.)
  • New Pages. Including Fab Rick (Character) and Pairings and Fandom Shorthands
  • The information on Lyle's page has been brought back! Feel free to read the information on Lyle's page, since it has been recovered.
  • Updated Skur page! I've added a lot more cool things on Skur's page. I've added more information, including a character info box with his main and full-body picture from the show, as well as new information. Such as: Appearance, Personality, Relationships, Trivia. I added more info to his Overview section and more pictures to the Gallery.
  • In the forum section, there's a new forum I've added.This one is called, "Pairings, Headcanons and Fandom." This forum is suited for threads made to the topic included in the title. If anyone has any ideas about their favourite pairings in NAM, any headcanons or theories about the show and its characters, or any running gags in the NAM fandom, then please, you're allowed to make a thread on these things to keep the Nerds and Monsters wiki alive and going. ^v^
  • Along with Skur's page, when I find time, I will begin to add more information (Like Skur's page) on all of the other Nerds and Monsters characters. ^^
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• 4/21/2015

Yeah! :D and Yusu mind if I also edit some things for the pages as well? (Omgtheheadcanonpageyeethankyouformakingthat :D)

• 4/21/2015

Because you're a contributor, you're free to edit things. ^^

(You're welcome. I just made a forum for Headcanons/Pairings/Fandom, what we really need is a thread for those things. You are free to make that. )

• 4/22/2015

Thanks :D (Whatarethreads?) (Andbecausewe'regoodfriendsIassume)